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How do you know you’re getting the best candidate for the job?
Use the right recruiter.

“At Ahoy Employ, we connect you with the most suitable, credible recruiter for your particular vacancy, so you secure the best talent sooner.” (Luke Gass, CEO)

Whether you’re looking for a permanent or contract employee, an entry-level or executive, in any industry – we help you get the best, verified recruiter for that.

    • See reviews of recruiters
    • Terms & guarantees to suit you
    • Easily find top, niche recruiters
    • Emails, resumes & contracts in one place
    • No more unsolicited cold calls
    • Reduced admin & hassle
    • Hire a genuine ‘fit’
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  • Reduce recruitment costs
  • Easily find the right recruiter for your industry niche
  • View reviews of recruiters before you choose to work with them
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • No more unsolicited cold calls
  • Instant access between employers and recruiters
  • Centralised management of relationships between employers and recruiters
  • You deal directly with Ahoy Employ, eliminating administrative hassle
  • A transparent marketplace where all current recruiting activity is displayed


Verified recruiters on Ahoy Employ have been thoroughly screened: they have passed an objective reference check with their customers (both employers and candidates), a credit check, a personal interview, and confirmation of the industries in which they have the greatest potential to recruit quality.

REPUTABLE Recruitment

We only verify recruiters who are aligned with our values: to provide exceptional human resources and a genuine, personal approach to recruitment. In this way we ensure long-lasting ‘fit’ over and above the skills required for the role. We understand what’s important to you and your business – your people.

Howit works?
    • – Post a vacancy and set the placement fee.
    • – Get a tailored list of only the most suitable recruiters.
    • – See customer reviews to hand pick only the best rated
    •     recruiter who specializes in your industry and city.
    • – Recruiters submit less than 5 candidates,
    •     ensuring only the best ones make the cut.
    • – Interview, accept or reject candidates with ease.
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