Can Recruiters Give Cold Calling the Cold Shoulder?

When Ahoy Employ surveyed recruiters, cold calling was at the top of the list of  “dirty duties” that comes with a job they otherwise love.  

Despite what you’ve been led to believe, to be a well-paid, successful recruitment specialist, cold calling is NOT necessary.

But without cold calls, how do you get new prospects and vacancies? How do you avoid “feast and famine” business cycles without calling on potential prospects?

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The AirBnB & Uber Era of Service

The online marketplace has expanded customer choices and their service expectations. Companies like Uber and AirBnB have set standards for choice, convenience, cost and customer expectations.

UBER is now the preferred taxi, made possible through an online marketplace

At Ahoy Employ, we’ve applied many of the AirBnB/Uber principles to get new business for recruiters and improve the recruiter service experience for employers.

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#HR. Why Traditional Meeting Advice is Wrong

According to Tammy Sherger, meetings are your untapped opportunity, your solution and your unique, competitive business advantage. I bet you never thought of a meeting as your competitive advantage, right?

Ever wondered about:

  1. the financial and human cost of meetings?
  2. identifying typical employee behaviors in meetings?
  3. distinguishing between problematic behaviors in meetings?

When I met Tammy of The Meeting Revolution at the CPHR Alberta conference in Edmonton last week, she made a highly valid point: “We are all subjected to hours of meetings every week, and it makes up the most significant part of our work day. We go to university to become knowledgeable experts with the skills and expertise specific to our industry. Even in high school we are introduced to meetings through group projects. But, nobody has ever trained you how to structure a meeting, behave in one, or manage one to be productive and effective. Nobody!”

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