Why Reputation is Everything (in the Staffing Industry)

We all know “it’s not about what you know, but who you know.” But, what exactly is it about who you know that makes the world go around?

As humans, we gather a first impression of someone within 7 seconds of having met them. What makes us trust, respect or buy from someone, after only a brief impression? Or not?

In the staffing industry, there is only one way to know whether a particular search firm or recruiter is really all that jazz they have promised while making a first impression, and that is  – word of mouth.

Did you know: “Are recruiters reputable?” is actually a hugely popular question on Quora?

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Disruption in the Recruitment Industry. Is it a Race to Zero?

Recruiters are having to defend their market share more aggressively now than ever before. It’s becoming necessary to embrace a new way of doing business.

The industry is perceived to be “under attack” from Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and that these innovators care nothing about the long term health of the recruiting industry because they drive down the value and quality of delivery.

Is it a race to zero in the name of “cost reduction” and supply chain “efficiencies”?

When UBER was introduced here in Calgary, taxi companies shared exactly the same sentiment. But if you were to ask riders, they’ll tell you that in fact UBER has improved service levels and trust, while reducing costs – and it’s sustaining a transport  industry that still remains highly profitable. Even cab drivers are switching!

The recruitment industry is facing numerous challenges in being heavily disrupted.

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