Finding Tech Talent in Canada while 350,000 move to Silicon Valley

Did you know that more than 350,000 Canadians currently live in Silicon Valley?

Let’s face it – it has become extremely difficult to find tech talent in Canada. Many of these bright, young stars are moving South of the border to find employment and Canada has been losing a lot of talent as a result.

Is there anything employers can do to attain any of this talent? There are a few key steps that employers can take attract top tech talent on home soil:

Increase your Reach by Engaging with Local Recruiters – Since tech talent is extremely difficult to find, employers will likely have to expand their search outside of their city. Unfortunately, many employers do not have a reach outside of their local community. This is where recruiters can help organizations find the right people with the right skills. Local recruiters who specialize in tech know market expectations better than employers do and know exactly where to find the talent. Ahoy Employ helps employers find the right recruiters who have a close relationship with talent in tech, on their “nose on the ground.”

Invest Locally and Hire New Graduates – Employers start looking for talent as soon as they have a problem or need that they are not able to solve on their own. Many employers often overlook recent graduates – they want to hire people who can solve their problems right away without having to be trained. Recent graduates have an enthusiastic attitude, dedication toward continuous learning, lower pay expectations, and are known for being “digital natives”.  In addition, training costs can be subsidized by the government through grants like the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. Employers should seek to anticipate future needs so that they are able snatch up young talent before their competitors do.

Access the Gig Economy – The concept of a sharing economy has been around for centuries, but it has grown in popularity over the last years. Individuals in the tech industry are keen to use the Gig Economy because it offers them certain flexibility that traditional working environments do not. The Gig Economy allows contractors to have flexible working hours, flexibility regarding location, and flexibility regarding the projects they take on. One report found that 35% of the entire United States workforce utilized the Gig Economy and are working as freelancers.

The tech industry is booming! Are you getting the tech talent you need, right now? If not, Ahoy Employ  can match you with verified, independent recruiters who are deeply connected in the industry in North America, so you can implement your software and database projected properly, right away.

Ahoy Employ is the easiest way for employers to post vacancies and invite the most reputable recruiter in the industry to find top candidates. This is how it works.

Luke Gass, Founder of Ahoy Employ
Barbara Leist, Business Analyst at Ahoy Employ

Top 5 Qualities Recruiters Simply MUST Have

Employers want to be sure they are working with a recruiter who has a powerful network and track record of professionalism in sourcing the right candidates.

Although there are many qualities employers would like recruiters to have, here are some of the top characteristics employers are looking for in recruiters:

Confidence – Confidence is a quality that will benefit both the employer and recruiter. Having a discreet sense of self-assurance will show both employers and candidates that you are sure of your skills and abilities. People are attracted to work with individuals who are sure of themselves.

Communication – This is perhaps one of the most important characteristics to keep both employers and candidates happy. Employers want to know that there is progress and what they can expect, by when. Recruiters should always clarify any questions they have about the job requirements before selecting candidates to ensure they are providing candidates that the employer will appreciate. Likewise, recruiters should inform candidates of the status of their applications.

Friendliness – Recruiters sometimes have a reputation for not being friendly to candidates, and even employers. Even though employers can make numerous demands that could make it difficult to find a candidate within a reasonable time frame, it is important to remember that they are likely under pressure from their management to fill the role ASAP. Ensure that your responses are thoughtful and respectful.

Good listeners – Employers are often frustrated by recruiters submitting candidate profiles that are obviously not a great fit, or don’t even satisfy the minimum requirements. They feel the recruiter simply has listened. When employers are emailing or speaking to you, ensure that you are listening actively before responding – and take notes! It is important to understand their needs so that you are better able to find a candidate that certainly will fit the bill.

Focused – Employers also want recruiters who are focused on their goals and what the employer wants them to accomplish. Make sure that you have the time and resources you need to fulfill what their needs. Don’t waste their time,  and rather work diligently towards the goals that have been set by both you and the employer.

Implementing these five characteristics is a great way to kick-start your recruiting career and really impress employers to build a long lasting relationship that leads to referrals.

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Ahoy Employ is the easiest way for employers to post vacancies and invite the most reputable recruiter in the industry to find top candidates. This is how it works.

Luke Gass, Founder of Ahoy Employ
Barbara Leist, Business Analyst at Ahoy Employ

Reference Check – A Qualified “Double Check”

For recruiters, submitting qualified candidates for the hiring manager to choose from is no easy task.

How do you determine which candidates are the best candidates to send to employers?

Easy – do a reference check!

If only it was that easy. Reference checks are tricky, but they are necessary. Employers are relying on you to get highly qualified candidates that are an absolutely perfect fit for the position and the company.

If a company makes a bad hire, it can cost them a lot of money in training and administration if the employee will be terminated, and waste time and managers’ resources. On the other hand, if employers make a good hire based on the candidates you provide, they’re more likely to refer new business to you.

Make sure you are getting a great reference with the following tips:

Confirmation – Speaking with references suggested by the candidate confirm whether their resume and personal representation is accurate. When you reach out to references via a phone call, you are able to confirm details about their work ethic, financial compensation, employment dates, competencies, etc. There may also be value in seeking confirmation from unsolicited references in the candidate’s LinkedIn network.

Gaps/Weaknesses – Candidates often provide written referrals. While reference letters can be helpful, there is reason for some skepticism. It is important for recruiters to notice what is not mentioned in the reference letter and to follow up with the reference on those gaps. Optimally, the recruiter would want the reference letter to be from a manager or someone who presided over the candidate.

Honest Feedback – The best reference checks give honest feedback about the candidates. They are not afraid to discuss the candidate’s flaws or their weaknesses. Recruiters should be skeptical about references that only highlight the candidates’ successes.

Reference checks are a critical part of the recruitment process. They are necessary for ensuring the validity of the candidate.

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Ahoy Employ is the easiest way for employers to post vacancies and invite the most reputable recruiter in the industry to find top candidates. This is how it works.

Luke Gass, Founder of Ahoy Employ
Barbara Leist, Business Analyst at Ahoy Employ