Can Recruiters Give Cold Calling the Cold Shoulder?

When Ahoy Employ surveyed recruiters, cold calling was at the top of the list of  “dirty duties” that comes with a job they otherwise love.  

Despite what you’ve been led to believe, to be a well-paid, successful recruitment specialist, cold calling is NOT necessary.

But without cold calls, how do you get new prospects and vacancies? How do you avoid “feast and famine” business cycles without calling on potential prospects?

Ahoy Employ has introduced a new way to do business that eliminates the need for cold calls forever.

Einstein said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over, yet expecting a different result.” (There’s also debate about who actually said this first).

Recruiters have used the same methods for gaining new clients for decades: cold-calling. However, it gobbles up a lot of time: time that you could rather spend on the parts of the job you actually love.

By applying a modern business model known as the online marketplace, Ahoy Employ has introduced a new way of doing business in recruitment. Ahoy Employ lets you give cold-calling the cold shoulder by making it easier for recruiters to get vacancies and increase their revenue without cold calling – forever.

Here’s how it works

1 ) Ahoy Employ gets you invited by employers to fill vacancies. 

2 ) New vacancies in your industry and city are delivered right to your inbox, giving you direct access to the employer.

3 ) Engage with employers on vacancies through Ahoy Employ’s online platform. Submit candidates. Make placements. Get reviewed.

Instead of spending hours every week making cold calls, you can dedicate that time to your primary purpose: recruiting. More attention to duties that pay will increase your income.

If you’re expecting different results, you do have to do something differently.

Give it a try. Sign up (free) with Ahoy Employ today!

Luke Gass, Founder of Ahoy Employ