Disruption in the Recruitment Industry. Is it a Race to Zero?

Recruiters are having to defend their market share more aggressively now than ever before. It’s becoming necessary to embrace a new way of doing business.

The industry is perceived to be “under attack” from Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and that these innovators care nothing about the long term health of the recruiting industry because they drive down the value and quality of delivery.

Is it a race to zero in the name of “cost reduction” and supply chain “efficiencies”?

When UBER was introduced here in Calgary, taxi companies shared exactly the same sentiment. But if you were to ask riders, they’ll tell you that in fact UBER has improved service levels and trust, while reducing costs – and it’s sustaining a transport  industry that still remains highly profitable. Even cab drivers are switching!

The recruitment industry is facing numerous challenges in being heavily disrupted.

While there may be software companies that aim to remove the recruiter from the equation completely, I believe recruiters are fundamental to obtaining a qualified, effective and long lasting workforce. So instead, there needs to be a way for employment agencies to become more accessible to all employers – not only the large corporates.

Recruiters require no education, no certification, no designation, nada. Since there’s no barrier to entry, there’s a stigma that many recruiters are similarly “slimey” as a second hand car dealer.

In addition, the space is crowded and it’s tough to stand out. This is why it’s necessary to elevate and validate the profession to help the best recruiters distinguish themselves from the average ones.

Recruitment isn’t only about finding candidates, it’s also a sales job. Every successful recruiter spends half the day doing business development by networking and cold calling.

Cold calling is a dreaded reality of most recruiters’ daily tasks.

What would it mean to your business as a recruiter if rather employers invited you, exclusively, to find them candidates?

What would it mean to the future growth of your revenue if your customers could share their satisfaction through “word of mouth” with every employer in your city and industry looking for a recruiter like you right now?

Perhaps disruption in the recruitment space isn’t a race to zero after all, but rather a long awaited necessity to help make the industry credible and accessible.

Ahoy Employ is the easiest way for employers to post vacancies and invite the most reputable recruiter the industry to find top candidates. This is how it works.





Luke Gass, Founder of Ahoy Employ