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Ahoy Employ was founded through a collaboration of industry expertise between mother and son, Ute and Luke Gass.

Ute previously owned multiple successful recruitment agencies and currently offers training & innovative solutions in HR. Luke (CEO) is an Industrial Engineer with experience in oil & gas and software.

Ahoy Employ was born in Canada after Luke had been travelling extensively for work within North America and Europe.  He frequently made use of online marketplaces like AirBnB and UBER because they are the simplest way to get peace of mind: quality service from vetted service providers.

Online marketplaces increase service levels and provide assurance of quality through public reviews.

We wanted to elevate the profession to ensure quality, while also reducing the time to hire. We wanted to simplify the process to make hiring convenient for employers and recruiters. Therefore, we applied the online marketplace to the recruitment industry.

We believe in quality, transparency, and fair business. Now it’s time to bring it back to the recruitment industry.

Ahoy Employ is the only truly Canadian recruitment marketplace. We’re a Calgary based software company and grew from a basement dream to an Innovate Calgary start-up in a matter of weeks.

Now, we are growing in numbers throughout Western Canada. As a result, employers are learning that there is an alternative to the traditional recruitment model. We have disrupted HR. See how it works.

  • improved service level

    All employers write a review of the recruiter’s service. This is especially relevant because future customers consider these reviews when choosing which service provider to use. “The way I treat this customer determines how many customers will come again”. Because we are human, we deliver better when we know we’ll be held accountable.

  • Additional revenue stream

    We are an additional revenue stream for recruiters – without investing additional time and money in marketing or business development. We allow recruiters to forge new relationships, build a reputation and get referred beyond traditional “word of mouth”.

  • Convenient

    Everything streamlined in one place: emails, resumes, contracts and invoices organized simply. Always available. On cloud. No hassle.

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In our spare time you can find us in the mountains: a fire and a glass of ‘vino’ are non-negotiable. We’re always working hard, but it’s relatively easy to twist our arm into having fun!

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