Recruiters – Beneficial or Superficial?

Recruiters aren’t all bad…right?

Let’s be real. We’ve all had our doubts about recruiters. To employers, recruiters are often seen as a person who just wants a fat pay-check for doing simple administrative work. To candidates, recruiters are individuals who do not take time to thoroughly consider them as a potential fit for the job they are applying for.

So why do recruiters have this terrible reputation? Here are some reasons recruiters rub employers the wrong way:

  1. Resume Overload – Many employers are flooded with resumes of unqualified candidates. Their main concern is that recruiters are not spending adequate time trying to find the right candidate and are more concerned about filling the position as quickly as possible. To combat this, recruiters should pay special attention to the applicability of resumes that they are sending to employers.
  2. Unearned money? For many positions, recruiters can earn up to 30% of a yearly salary for a placement. This can cost companies a lot of money to fill just one position. If recruiters are finding candidates for several positions, it’s easy to assume that recruiters make a lot of money for merely doing a few administrative duties. Ahoy Employ recognizes this concern and gives some financial control to the employer by allowing them to set the placement fee.
  3. Lack of knowledge Recruiters have a reputation for not knowing much about technical requirements or industry requirements of positions in certain fields. While it is important that recruiters try to be as knowledgeable in the industries they are servicing, employers also need to make sure that recruiters have all the information they need about the position before they start searching for candidates. Employers can find qualified recruiters  with a proven track record, expertise and network in a specific industry through Ahoy Employ’s online platform.


Although recruiters may have a bad reputation in business, they are an important part of business growth and development. To find out how you can see who’s the best rated, most trustworthy, and dependable recruiter in your industry and city, schedule a demo with us today!

Ahoy Employ is the easiest way for employers to post vacancies and invite the most reputable recruiter in the industry to find top candidates. This is how it works.

Luke Gass, Founder of Ahoy Employ
Barbara Leist, Business Analyst at Ahoy Employ

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