Reference Check – A Qualified “Double Check”

For recruiters, submitting qualified candidates for the hiring manager to choose from is no easy task.

How do you determine which candidates are the best candidates to send to employers?

Easy – do a reference check!

If only it was that easy. Reference checks are tricky, but they are necessary. Employers are relying on you to get highly qualified candidates that are an absolutely perfect fit for the position and the company.

If a company makes a bad hire, it can cost them a lot of money in training and administration if the employee will be terminated, and waste time and managers’ resources. On the other hand, if employers make a good hire based on the candidates you provide, they’re more likely to refer new business to you.

Make sure you are getting a great reference with the following tips:

Confirmation – Speaking with references suggested by the candidate confirm whether their resume and personal representation is accurate. When you reach out to references via a phone call, you are able to confirm details about their work ethic, financial compensation, employment dates, competencies, etc. There may also be value in seeking confirmation from unsolicited references in the candidate’s LinkedIn network.

Gaps/Weaknesses – Candidates often provide written referrals. While reference letters can be helpful, there is reason for some skepticism. It is important for recruiters to notice what is not mentioned in the reference letter and to follow up with the reference on those gaps. Optimally, the recruiter would want the reference letter to be from a manager or someone who presided over the candidate.

Honest Feedback – The best reference checks give honest feedback about the candidates. They are not afraid to discuss the candidate’s flaws or their weaknesses. Recruiters should be skeptical about references that only highlight the candidates’ successes.

Reference checks are a critical part of the recruitment process. They are necessary for ensuring the validity of the candidate.

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Luke Gass, Founder of Ahoy Employ
Barbara Leist, Business Analyst at Ahoy Employ

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