Why Reputation is Everything (in the Staffing Industry)

We all know “it’s not about what you know, but who you know.” But, what exactly is it about who you know that makes the world go around?

As humans, we gather a first impression of someone within 7 seconds of having met them. What makes us trust, respect or buy from someone, after only a brief impression? Or not?

In the staffing industry, there is only one way to know whether a particular search firm or recruiter is really all that jazz they have promised while making a first impression, and that is  – word of mouth.

Did you know: “Are recruiters reputable?” is actually a hugely popular question on Quora?

The truth is:

1) There is no better testimony than a colleague or friend’s experience with a particular recruiter. It gives you, the employer, peace of mind that you will get the quality candidate you are looking for quickly. You also feel comfortable paying even high fees, because you’re getting what you want.

2) Word of mouth speaks directly to the reputation of the recruiter. If you’re good, everyone will know.

3) 88% of consumers trust online reviews as personal recommendations. Online review platforms like TripAdvisor and Google Reviews has turned that ‘word of mouth’ into a recommendation that now not only spreads between existing customers, but to every potential customer looking online for your professional service in your city. This is what you need to know about online reviews.

4) The best recruiters will tell you that the majority of new business comes from referrals, not cold calls.

Reputation is everything. Others’ impression of someone is more important than your first impression of that same person. It’s what encourages trust. It’s what screams credibility. It let’s the world know who stands behind their work. It exposes their fundamental principles. And we are aligned, we are sure we are working with people who are a cut above the rest – we the Rolls Royce of the industry.

Recruiters: isn’t it time to maximize word of mouth to share your excellent reputation with more than your clients and their colleagues, but rather every potential customer looking for someone like you? How much new business could that bring you, effortlessly? Let your reputation speak for itself.

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Luke Gass, Founder of Ahoy Employ