Trust is Truth

Let’s face it – some recruiters have a terrible reputation.

Many employers feel burned from past experiences with recruiters where they felt that they did not get the quality of candidate they were seeking, or felt they were paying too much. But, it’s not just employers that have felt burned by employers.

Candidates also feel ignored and have felt like they were put in positions that did not adequately match their talent. Our mission at Ahoy Employ is to make recruitment honest and to ensure that all of our recruiters are trustworthy. How do we do that?

Recruiters need to build that trust with employers again.

So what can recruiters do about the lack of trust employers have with them? There are four key things that recruiters can do to build trust with employers:

Take an Interest – In order for employers to feel they can trust a recruiter, recruiters need to establish a relationship. Distrust hurts both the employer and the recruiter. It hurts the employer because they are working with a person they feel does not hold their best interest at heart. It is bad for the recruiter because it tarnishes their reputation and potential referrals from them.

Know their Need – Many recruiters do not take the time to get to know employers: the company, culture, management style, etc. and therefore do not know exactly what the employer is looking for. The more you get to know the company, the greater clarity you have to identify the perfect ‘fit’.

Communication – Communication is key. Recruiters need to make an effort to update hiring managers on how the search is progressing.  If recruiters are not making the effort to communicate with the employer on the status of their applications, will they care about informing the candidates on the status of their application?

Follow up – Part of building trust with employers includes maintaining that trust. It is important to follow up with employers afterwards and make sure that they are happy with their candidate. Ensure that you are always putting their interest ahead of your own by making a commitment to always finding them the right candidate for their needs. Also check in with the candidate to ensure they’re in it for the long haul.

Building trust with employers can seem like a tedious process, but the benefits are clear:  referrals. Trust brings more return business from your existing customer and referrals to new customers.

Ahoy Employ is the easiest way for employers to post vacancies and invite the most reputable recruiter in the industry to find top candidates. This is how it works.

Luke Gass, Founder of Ahoy Employ
Barbara Leist, Business Analyst at Ahoy Employ

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